Production Support Vessel

The Production Support Vessel (PSV) provides a stable platform for operations using world-class dynamic positioning technologies to ensure it stays on location at Solwara 1 irrespective of wind and wave conditions. The PSV will be designed for use in offshore construction and seafloor mining

The PSV will be equipped with a moonpool through which the Subsea Slurry and Lift Pump (SSLP) and riser system can be deployed. On deck of the PSV, the slurry is dewatered. The dewatered solid material is stored temporarily in the PSV's hull, and then discharged to a transportation vessel moored alongside the PSV about every 5 to 7 days. Filtered seawater is pumped back to the seafloor through the riser pipes and provides hydraulic power to operate the SSLP.

Discharge of the return water at the seafloor from where it came eliminates mixing of the water column, and minimizes the environmental impact of the operation.

When completed, the PSV will measure 227 metres in length and 40 metres in width with accommodation for up to 180 people and generate approximately 31MW of power. All of the below deck mining equipment will be installed on the PSV during the build process to minimize the equipment integration to be completed following delivery of the PSV.

The Company has entered into an agreement for the charter of the PSV with Marine Assets Corporation (MAC), a marine solutions company based in Dubai which specialises in the delivery of new build support vessels for the offshore industry. MAC will own and provide the marine management of the PSV. The PSV will be chartered to Nautilus for a minimum period of five years at a rate of US$199,910 per day, with options to either extend the charter or purchase the PSV at the end of the five year period.

Under the terms of the arrangement, MAC had to enter into a contract with Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd., based in Fujian province in south-eastern China, to design and construct the PSV in accordance with Nautilus' specifications.

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Production Support Vessel Production Support Vessel in Operation

Production Support Vessel
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Production Support Vessel in operation
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