Status of the Equipment

Seafloor Production Tools (SPTs)

In January 2016, the Company took delivery of the three Seafloor Production Tools (SPTs) from SMD. The SPTs were shipped to PNG in April 2017 to undergo submerged trials. The trials were completed in Q1 2018.  The submerged trials were designed to provide a submerged demonstration of the fully assembled SPTs and involved submerged testing of:

  1. Control systems operations and feedback
  2. Hydraulic functions
  3. Collection system functions
  4. Survey and visualization systems

The three umbilical winches that store and manage the power and control umbilicals were designed, procured and assembled at SMD. In March 2015 the Company announced that the umbilical winches for the three SPTs had successfully completed FAT. The umbilical cables have since been installed onto the umbilical winches. They are currently at the shipyard for integration on to the vessel at a future date.

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) which will be used to lift the tools in and out of the water, is comprised of A frames, lift winches, hydraulic power units, electric power units and deck control cabins. The LARS arrived at the shipyard in May 2017 where they are currently being integrated onto the vessel.

Riser and Lifting System (RALS)

GE Oil and Gas, the primary contractor for the Riser and Lifting System manufacture, has begun retrieval and inspection of the components that were previously in storage or in mid assembly when the contracts were terminated in 2012. The manufacture of components such as the derrick and riser handling systems, surface seawater pumps, pull in skids, riser transfer hoses and other ancillary equipment is to be resumed with delivery dates dictated by the shipyard requirements for the PSV. These components are to be integrated onto the PSV during vessel manufacture.

The Subsea Slurry Lift Pump (SSLP) recommenced assembly in Q3, 2015 and in February 2016 commenced Factory Acceptance Testing. The SSLP  will undergo submerged trials in water later in 2018.

Welding of the connectors for the riser pipe commenced in January 2015. Nautilus anticipates taking delivery of the Riser and the surface seawater pumps at a later date.

Production Support Vessel (PSV)

An agreement for the charter of a PSV to be first deployed at the Solwara 1 Project was awarded to Marine Assets Corporation (MAC), a marine solutions company based in Dubai which specialises in the delivery of new build support vessels for the offshore industry. MAC was to own the PSV and provide the marine management of the PSV.

Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd. (FMSL), based in Fujian province in south-eastern China had been contracted by MAC, to design and construct the PSV in accordance with Nautilus’ specifications. This contract did proceed and the vessel was about 75% complete when the contract was terminated in late 2018 by FMSL for breach when MAC failed to pay the 3rd instalment due on the vessel payment plan. The cancellation of the contract between FMSL and MAC has caused severe delays to the project as Nautilus works to ensure delivery of a PSV in order to move the project forward.

Main contracts awarded by FMSL to date for the PSV:

Package To Whom Comments
Engines & thrusters packages Rolls Royce Marine, Norway The order secures the main engines, azimuth and tunnel thrusters.
Cargo handling equipment Bedeschi SPA,  Italy The cargo handling equipment will be used to transfer the dewatered mined material into four storage holds in the PSV and then to recover the material from the storage holds where it will be transferred directly on to Handimax vessels for transhipment to our processing partner in China, Tongling Nonferrrous Metals Group Company, Limited.
Vessel deck mounted cranes MacGregor, Norway The order for the cranes consists of two knuckle boom units. Both cranes will be used to load stores, spares and support the maintenance of shipboard SPTs and other items of production equipment during mining operations. The larger crane will also be capable of deploying and recovering various items of mining equipment directly to and from the seafloor.
Electrics for the PSV Siemens International Trading (Shanghai) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. This contract is for the entire electrical installation for the PSV.
Integrated control system Kongsberg Maritime, Norway This contract is for the vessel integrated control system (including dynamic positioning and navigation systems).